GrillSymbol Paella Wok Set PRO-450
GrillSymbol wokkipannu setti PRO-450
GrillSymbol wokkipannu setti PRO-450
GrillSymbol Paella Wok Set PRO-450
GrillSymbol wokkipannu setti PRO-450
GrillSymbol wokkipannu setti PRO-450

GrillSymbol wokkipannu setti PRO-450


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The convex-based, deep  steel  WOK pan is intended mainly for the preparation of Asian dishes. Very good ripening properties. Various wok, soups like Tom Kha, Tom Yum and many other dishes are prepared very quickly thanks to an efficient gas burner. Because the 45 cm wok is more efficient and faster than most fryers, the pan is also well-suited for deep frying – spring rolls, tempura, “fish and chips”, felfel, chicken wings, onion and octopus rings, etc.

The PRO-450 is a popular model among home users. This model is also used by professional cooks. The strong construction, efficient gas burner and concave wok pan form a well-functioning whole. “Triple Windshield” provides the best protection from the wind and the gas flame does not go out even in moderate winds.

tuotetunnus (SKU) PRO-450

Handcrafted in Estonia


Pros of the GrillSymbol PRO-450 product:  

  • Safety first – the product meets CE requirements
  • The high-edged pan allows food to be fried, stewed and cooked
  • “Triple Windshield” – triple windshield
  • The heat is directed directly to the pan, does not evaporate
  • Lower gas consumption
  • Strong body and legs – the product is stable
  • The complete solution set also includes a gas regulator and a hose
  • Ready to use – pre-installed and installation only takes 2 minutes
  • The “Smart Pan” burner and windshield section can be used with different pans
  • Tested and developed in the Nordic countries, manufactured in Estonia
  • Free delivery in Finland for all purchases over 100 euros.


Wok series PRO-450, Ø45cm

  • For outdoor use!
  • Diameter: 45 cm
  • Height: 27 cm
  • Pan material: 3 mm steel
  • Volume: about 8-12 doses
  • 1-ring gas burner
  • Power: 6.5 kW
  • Battery-operated electric lighter
  • Total weight: 10 kg
  • Pan weight: 5 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years.


The set includes:

  • Teräswokki
  • gas burner
  • Windscreen / device support structures
  • Short legs: 3 pcs
  • Gas hose: 1.2 m
  • Click-on control: 30 mbar
  • Hose clamps: 2 pcs
  • The device works with both threaded and click-on controls, a click-on control is included
  • Check that the gas cylinder and the regulator fit together!


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